Wednesday, March 5, 2008


The car burned in flames on Meeker near Union Pool
under the elevated expressway and this scene:
bar goers walking almost dancing around the fire.
Rachael didn’t go near it
because of what she’d seen in action movies.

The burning didn’t bother me because I had dropped cigarettes into gasoline
and it never lit.

Wild dogs sneak out the bushes in a pack past Utica Av
along the LIRR Right of Way towards Canarsie
tails swinging against the traffic.

Cutting my hair with a straight razor my barber told me he chewed his iPod last night
and explained it to me:
You know like when you’re wasted and you just gnaw on it.

I agreed with him telling him I also chew my iPod wasted.

Tonight below my window, it’s less picturesque at 3am:
one kid on the east end with other kids on the other end
holds a wiffle ball bat. Duct taping the holes
gives the ball
more movement. Hollers erupt as a hit
smacks off of the decayed awning.

Above the flames, one collision complicates driving over the BQE:
An 18 wheel broke through a grate in the left lane broke
its steering column. Jackknifing the whole thing.
The sound won’t go away.

This morning I went jogging past
the fish distributor and performance artist’s warehouses past
the site of the largest structure fire in a decade
like a torn down Lego castle, hills of rags heaped underneath
instant ruin.

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